What To Say When Giving A Promise Ring

what to say when giving a promise ring

Giving a Promise Ring to someone special symbolizes your commitment. Every couple wants to adopt a unique style while exchanging their promising rings. At this particular moment, your single act or words means a lot to your future life partner. This blog post is a little bundle of ideas that you can adopt while giving a Promise ring.

At this special moment of your life, the selection of words is so important. Express your feeling from the core of your heart. Speak from the heart full of expressions, not in an everyday style. You can rehearse for the arrival of that special moment.

Learn any heartfelt romantic poem or a quote as an expression of your feelings for your partner. Repeat these words while exchanging the Promise ring. You can quickly memorize any romantic poetry from the internet.

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You can also sing any song at that magical moment so it could become memorable.

Think about something special as making a grand gesture, i.e. hiding the promise ring box inside a beautifully wrapped box or bouquet of roses. You can also take your future partner to any beach or place you met for the first time.

You can show your gesture of love to your future partner by playing the guitar.

While exchanging the promise ring, say some unique words to your future partner so she can remember these words till last her breath.

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