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Carrying essential belongings with you is inevitable every time you go out, and for that, you need a handbag. It is an important possession, and it speaks about your fashion sense. Therefore, it should be stylish enough to define your taste. Apart from being chic, the handbag you carry should also align with your dress and complement it accordingly. You can do it only when you have a wide variety to buy from, and is the right place for the purpose. You can do handbags online shopping at the store where a unique collection is uploaded. is the online store for jewelry and other women’s accessories. Handbags in Pakistan have always been in fashion, and carrying one is more of a necessity than fashion. Different types of handbags are available in the market, and you find them all at However, the collection keeps updating, and new styles come in, and the old ones go away. Therefore, you have got to see which ones are there in the collection these days.

The common handbags styles that are always in fashion are hobo bags, satchel, baguette, clutch, and tote bags. The hobo bags are easiest and stylish to carry, and they have enough space to keep all your belongings. From car keys to the wallet to any other essential thing, you can put everything inside. The crescent shape gives them a chic look, thereby giving you a fashionable appearance. The satchel bags are more organized with loads of pockets both inside and outside. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for working women as it keeps things organized inside. You do not have to search for the paper again and again, as everything is in its place inside. These bags are also chic and look stylish when complemented with your dress. The baguettes, clutch, and tote bags are also trendy; however, the choice depends on your outfit and personality.

Shop from different handbags brands at and get the right one for you. There are also handbags sales at the store that allow you to save some money. So, buy one and give a classy look to your personality.


Amidst this pandemic, people are in quarantines, and women are missing doing what they do
best; shopping. Not a problem anymore, with, women have a chance to buy
handbags, shoulder bags, and all types of jewelry at the most affordable price with promised
quality. What else would any woman want more? All you have to do it click on your favorite bag
and order it. Women handbags are versatile owing to the demands of ladies. Every girl wants
to have a variety of handbags of different sizes, shapes, and space and we make sure to provide
you all.

Available categories

There are no less than 20 types of bags to suit the needs of women. Quilted shoulder bags,
bowling bag, bucket bag, name it and it will be in front of you.

Backpack bags

Not traditional but classy, these are smaller versions of a backpack. These bags are spacious and
hence loved by women who like to carry their makeup and other essentials with them
anywhere they go. They are available in so many forms and designs that you can get them as
casual handbags or as a typical backpack.


It derives its origin from the French bread. The baguette bag is very compact with single or
double short straps, which makes it perfect to carry dressier attires. It is often a bit too big to be
carried for a formal event and is often combined with a chic pantsuit or a more casual look.

Bowling bags

These include the bigger handbags on the market, but fashionistas have an eccentric approach
for these bags. It can be seen used mainly for business work, or casual wear, however, there are
several instances of non-professionals and celebrities toting these bags around. It has small
straps but often a shoulder handle is also available with them making them more comfortable
than ever. Also, their shape ‘dome-like’ allows these to be spacious, which is absolute bliss.

Barrel bags

Often confused with the baguette types, these bags are different and have a cylindrical shape
like a barrel as the name goes by. It is a bit larger than the baguettes but a lot smaller than the

bowling or basket bags. Hence, they fall into the medium-size categories of handbags. They
have standard straps (not too long) for the perfect drop and display of the barrel.

Messenger bags

Loved and appreciated by both the genders, these types of bags minimize the gender gaps.
Women bags, however, tend to be much smaller, in particular. On top of that, these bags
usually have a folding top with a clasp closing. The best part about these bags is the long strap
that comes with it, which allows the wearer to wear it as a cross-body bag. It is ideal for casual
and professional wear but is not really common with formal attire.

Other categories

Apart from these other women bags are basket bags, bucket bags, clutches, doctor’s bags,
envelope clutches, frame, folder bags, tote bags, wristlets, and many more. The best online
handbags in Pakistan are available at our store with guaranteed quality and perfect prices.