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Is there a wedding around, and you need the right jewelry set to complement your dress? Are you out of options which set to buy that could enhance the overall look of your outfit? Well, has a lot of options for you to choose from. The “sets” category has different types of sets made up of gold and added colors with zircon, silver with pearls, and other materials. Therefore, give it a visit if you want something to wear to the upcoming wedding, and you neither have time to buy nor options as to where to shop from. will deliver the set right at your doorsteps and ease the process for you.

jewelry sets

The jewelry set in Pakistan is a must-have accessory of a woman’s outfit. A lady cannot imagine wearing a sharara, gharara, maxi, or any other traditional dress without the right jewelry with it. However, they weren’t used to sets online shopping and used to go to their trusted store back before the launch of The store has been in the field for years and is a family jewelry store for many families. However, the launch of the online platform has eased the buying process tenfold as you now have to select the right set for you and place an order at your fingertips. No need to face the hustle and bustle of traffic, and get it delivered to your doorsteps within a few days. keeps bringing sets sale for you, which is the best time to buy your favorite one. You will find much-lowered prices as long as it goes on. Therefore, it is wise to shop earlier and do not wait for the wedding to come. You can buy both heavy and light sets at reasonable prices, so do it now and enjoy shopping at the store.


While commonly synonymous with diamonds and other gemstones, jewelry sets also known as parures, have also been crafted from various materials, and stunning examples occur utilizing common materials and designs from multiple ages, such as sculpted coral and cameos. You can buy the best bridal sets from stores all around Pakistan. Luckily enough, has a beautiful range of sets in stores for all the jewelry lovers out there! So, if the wedding season is on and you want to look different and graceful, we have got what you need!

What is a parure?

A parure is a total collection of coordinating jewelry intended to be worn in the package. A half-pair is a less complicated collection of two or three items of jewelry. In particular, the French people were considered to have been pleased to wear formalized, and expensive dresses, and thus the word parure derives from the French verb, parer, meaning adorn. Bridal sets and other parures are usually ensconced in elegantly designed shells, stunning in their appearance, and often lovely to come across. Even if you don’t like to wear jewelry, there is no way you won’t blush in awe, looking at the unique jewelry sets.

Sets in history

Parures were common at the end of the 1600s when exquisite evening salons were famous, and jewels were produced to match intricate formal dresses and show their wealth and reputation. Louis XIV, widely recognized for his lavish entertaining, had two full diamond sets for himself.

By the end of the 18th century, a much-simplified dress was favored, one more conducive to modern ideals, and parure dropped out of fashion. Nevertheless, they returned to style in the Napoleonic period, resurrected by Napoleon himself, who enjoyed jewels and liked to order exquisite collections for both his wives.

Why are jewelry sets valuable?

As a Pakistani, you must have attended family events like weddings, birthdays, and dinners. Apart from the dresses, what is that one thing women are most conscious about? Jewelry, of course. Ladies love jewelry and spending time shopping for it. Sets aimed to lessen this time and make jewelry shopping more fun. Parures offer you matching jewelry in one place, so you don’t have to look for earrings that match your necklace or vice versa. Also, bridal sets are integral to any Asian wedding encompassing gold jewels in beautifully put sets.

Jewelry that is part of a set

A full-length set is generally made up of a clasp, a ring, earrings, and a necklace. Still, it may get very complicated and, in the case of monarchy wearers, contain up to fifteen items, such as rings, keys, tiaras, diadems, stomachers, aigrets, etc. However, in Pakistan, you often see the standard jewelry sets with a ring, bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

Contemporary jewelry and blumoon

We usually only see gold or silver jewelry sets. Still, blumoon breaks this stigma and introduces contemporary zircon and other metallic sets to satisfy every lady’s needs with free delivery all over Pakistan.