6 Stunning Gold Bangle Designs for Women Who Love to Shine

Gold Bangle Designs

Gold bangles play a vital role in adding grace to women’s wrist. The trend of wearing gold bangles among married women never goes out of fashion. Pakistani married women have preferred to wear gold bangles for centuries to symbolize their marital status. The attractiveness of gold bangles for women never gets fade.Gold bangles are designed using striking patterns, stones, and designs. Now designers are using a variety of precious stones or other embellishments to add more charm to gold bangles. This lovely ornament has a traditional value and is an everyday wearable accessory. Wearing Gold bangles is not only a fashion statement for women but a great way to stay in the limelight during different events. Pairing a gold bangle with your stylish outfit could be a great combination to look perfect and adorable.

For a delicate look, wrist gold bangles come with a glossy and matte finish. Gold bangles always have been adapted to suit the needs of different occasions. In this blog post we’ve put together 6 stunning gold bangle designs for women who love to shine. So let’s get viewed these 6 amazing gold bangle designs.

Stunning Gold Bangle Designs

  1. Rope gold bangles
  2. Plain gold bangles
  3. Hollow gold bangles
  4. Half round bangles
  5. Gold Kadas
  6. Diamond gold bangles

1- Rope Gold Bangles:

Rope Gold Bangle is a great option to wear on different occasions. This is a traditional design liked by women for centuries. A rope god bangle design can never go out of fashion. Wearing gold rope bangles can beautify your delicate wrists and make you look complete.

2- Plain Gold Bangles:

Women liked plain gold bangles for centuries. These bangles look elegant and add more grace to personality if worn occasionally. Plain gold bangles are also ideal for wearing daily as these bangles are comfortable to wear for a long.

3- Hollow gold bangles:

We also know hollow gold bangles as pipe gold bangles. These bangles have pipe type appearance that is empty from the inside. Hollow bangles come in various designs, i.e minakari design, beaded pipe kada design, enamel embossed bangles, floral design hollow bangles, dual tone pipe bangles, plan hollow bangles, etc. Hollow gold bangles look graceful on different occasions.

4- Half Round Bangles

Half-round gold bangles are fully solid bangles with softly rounded on the outside. A massive variety of half-round bangles is available at the jeweler’s shop. Usually, half-round bangles come with few choices, i.e mirco insert, claw setting, or channel setting. Half-round style is an evergreen style bangle and looks elegant.

5- Gold Kadas:

Women wear Gold Kadas for a long time to accentuate their beauty. Wearing gold kadas by married women has been a part of our culture since ancient times. Gold kadas are ideal for getting a stylish look with a trendy outfit. Usually, women prefer to wear a pair of kadas at a time in one hand.

6- Diamond Gold Bangles:

Diamond gold bangles are perfect for revealing your statement fashion style. These bangles adorn your wrists and depict your delicate fashion taste. Diamond gold bangles are artistically crafted and embellished with stones. For a classy look, diamond gold bangles are great to wear on special occasions.

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