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What Is The Difference? Handbag Vs Purse

What Is The Difference Handbag Vs Purse


This question might come to your mind many times, or do you think we use both terms for the same product? Most of the women don’t understand the difference. In their opinion, both are synonyms, but there is a difference between them. In this article, I’ll explain to you their difference. So let’s get started.

Handbag or purse are both used for the same purpose, i.e., storing girly items like cosmetics, keys, cards, comb, mobile phones, and much more. Women are crazy about keeping their handbag or purse with them whenever they go outside. They love to have a collection of various handbags or purses in their wardrobes.

In the Cambridge dictionary, a handbag is defined as “a bag with handle or straps going to place over a woman’s shoulder for keeping money, keys, cosmetics, comb, and so many other belonging.”

Whereas in Cambridge dictionary, a purse is defined as “a bag with handle or straps going to place over woman’s shoulder for keeping money, keys, cosmetics, a comb or a pocketbook.”


According to the Cambridge dictionary, there is no difference between them, but these are two different items belonging to women.

A purse generally refers to a small size bag for keeping coins. We call purses wallets also for holding ID cards, credit cards, or much more.

A handbag is a newly introduced term that refers to a prominent accessory for holding mobile phones, cosmetics, keys, body sprays, and much more.

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Handbags or purses are used to keep women’s essential belongings that they want to keep with them while going outside. Both have a difference in size. A handbag is more significant than a purse and is more spacious than a purse. The word handbag is more prevalent in the fashion industry than a purse.

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