3 Reasons Why Polishing Can Be Bad For Jewelry

Why Polishing Can Be Bad For Jewelry

Jewelry has been one of the precious assets of women for centuries. It is being kept safe by women to wear on special occasions. Most women have to get jewelry from their loved ones on special days. That’s why it becomes more precious and memorable for them. In many families, jewelry is passed from one generation to another. It is considered a part of their family customs.

Typically, there are various inlaid gemstones to enhance the look of jewelry accessories. Women use different ways to preserve it; otherwise, jewelry loses its shine. There are polishing and cleaning methods to keep the jewelry in its original look for long.

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Polishing is one of the most demanded methods to keep the jewelry in its original form. However, excessive polishing could harm your precious accessories. This blog post will highlight three reasons why polishing can be bad for jewelry.

Polishing Can Weaken The Jewelry:

Polishing is one of the brilliant methods to get your jewelry shine and make it cleaner. But on the other hand, excessive polishing can weaken your jewelry’s original structure. Another possibility is uneven edges of jewelry. So it is recommended to keep your jewelry store in a soft cloth or jewelry box so it can remain in its original form for long.

Polishing Can Expose Weakness Of Jewelry:

Too much polishing could damage the original structure of the jewelry. Sometimes there could be harsh scratches on the design. Another possibility is that precious gemstones inlaid on your jewelry products could become loose. Dents are one of the most common issues that could appear after polishing. So it is recommended to polish it once a year and keep it safe according to jewelry preservation guidelines.

Using Homemade Solutions For Polishing Your Jewelry:

If you are using a homemade polishing solution, it could damage your precious jewelry pieces. Most women consider these hacks very useful and cheap, but these hacks are not good. Most of the women apply toothpaste with a toothbrush to polish jewelry. Some women use harsh solutions like ammonia and alcohol. Remember, all of these tricks could damage your precious jewelry products. So it is recommended to consult with an authentic jeweler for polishing services.

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