6 Trending Artificial Earrings Designs for Occasion

If you’re looking to highlight your face’s shape and features, make artificial earrings your best friends. Girls get their ears pierced at an early age because of its spiritual significance. Earrings are an essential part of any woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Be smart and choose the right earrings that speak to you and Blumoon.pk is the best for it!


Many variants can easily accessorize with any piece of clothing. There is 6-trending artificial earrings design for the occasion.

Classy Jhumkas:


Nobody can resist the spell of jhumkas. Wearing just a pair of jhumka can instantly make you elegant. Jhumkas are considered to be the traditional earring and usually wear with ethnic outfits. But you can wear these with a simple Kurti as well. All you need to do is to find yourself a pair of beautiful jhumkas from the Blumoon online store that can match most of your Kurtis.


Pretty Studs:


You can always depend on studs. These are small and super cute. These give off that elegant and graceful vibe when matched with a Kurti. So if you want to look pretty and cute, wear studs, and you can see the magic happening!

Hoop Earring:


Hoops and loops are classic earring styles that never go out of style. These pieces can wear with any outfit. It gives a modern look with a traditional vibe. It is best to wear for informal events and occasions. If you’re looking to highlight your jawline and add a retro effect to your look, you may want to assign hoops of different sizes. Hoops may craft of plain gold or beaded precious gemstones, so buy such artificial jewelry. Hoops are also available in other geometrical shapes and come with precious stones coated on them.




Earcuffs are very trendy. This earring design is suitable for weddings and other occasions, and it enables women to appear beautiful and sophisticated in the eyes of others. They can be simple, with only a few diamonds or jewels, or more ornate, with numerous components. They can be simple, with only a few diamonds or stones, or more ornate with some items.


Ethnic Earrings:


For the perfect festive and traditional look, put on a pair of ethnic earrings. Traditional and cultural events, weddings, and family functions. They look mesmerizing when worn with sarees and ethnic

Barbell earrings

Barbell earrings get their name from their resemblance to a barbell, generally coming in the form of a metal bar with an orb on either end. They usually use with party wear, and they give the most elegant look. These are similar to ball-closure rings, except that they have a large gap and have a permanently attached bead at one side and a threaded bead at the other, like barbells.


Ear Plugs:


Earplugs are short cylindrical pieces of jewelry. Some plugs have flared ends to hold them in place, while others require small elastic rubber rings (O-rings) to keep them from falling out. They usually use in large-gauge piercings. It is best to wear for informal events and occasions.


Ear thread:


Dangles an ear string, threader, and a chain thin enough to glide into and out of the ear hole. Sometimes, people add beads or other materials onto the chain, so the chain dangles with beads below the ear.

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