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Jhumkis is one of the popular styles of earrings that have been in operation for centuries. The
Jhumka earrings are conical, circular, or church bell-shaped. Each faith has its own specific style
of jhumkas, and it has its own significance as well. It is not wrong in saying that Pakistani
women’s jewelry range is not complete without jhumki earrings. Pakistani earrings jhumka is a
classic jewelry decoration that never dies in design. They are well-known jewelry decorations
from the period of the imperial emperor to now. If you are love jhumkis or jhumki style
earrings too and are ready to surf the internet for the artificial jhumka earrings online
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Types of jhumkis you must know to buy the best one!

Like every other jewelry item, jhumkis come in a variety of types. All of these carry a different
class and grace, so it’s challenging to pick one. All of these represent women’s style and
elegance equally.

Ear-cuffs jhumkas

Ear-cuffs modeled along with jhumkis are termed as jhumkis ear-cuffs. A wide variety of styles
is available in ear-cuffed jhumkas. Still, peacock-inspired jhumkas are the best of all, since they
are loved by women and suit all complexion and ear types.

Pearl jhumkas

These are the most in-demand and the most loved jhumkas. Pearl jhumkis are the perfect
choice to pair up with traditional clothing. According to their demand, it is safe to claim that the
new look is incomplete without pearl jhumkis. This style of jhumkas is the perfect way to get
the trendy, traditional, and sophisticated feel with any classic attire. These jhumkis are available
in multiple colors and designs. However, the typical ones with a bell shape are fan-favorite.

Hoops jhumkas

Hoops jhumkis is the ideal blend of two separate styles of earrings. This sort of hoop is modeled
with jhumkas, and we see a new shape of jhumkis. Hoops jhumkas looks just as beautiful with
suits and sarees. These earrings come in various types, such as pearls, meenakari, polki, stones,
and more. With a fancier name like ‘hoop earrings,’ this piece of jewelry is a must-have.

Kashmiri jhumkis

Another fan-favorite jhumki style earrings are at your service. They are ideal and appropriate
for all forms of ethnic groups. According to the latest trends, Kashmiri jhumkas are more in
demand than all other sorts. The style of the Kashmiri jhumkas is class apart from the others
and has long pearl chain earrings connected to the jhumki, which goes behind the head. They
are going to make you appear fantastic at a holiday gathering.

Traditional jhumkis

Inspired by the natural elements, these jhumkis are gold or silver-plated conical form of
earrings worn with western clothing. The beauty of these earrings is attributed to the
embellishment of semi-precious stones such as ruby, opal, pearls, and several other stones that
offer a distinct appearance. Diamond jhumki earrings are great for modern girls who do not
want the traditional gold-tone jhumki earrings. Diamond studded jhumkis offers the owner a
glamorous and elegant touch.

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