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5 Unique Pendant Designs Available at

Pendant Designs

5 unique pendant designs available at

Regardless of whether you prefer wearing traditional bulky necklaces or subtle neck pieces, women of any age like to highlight their neckline with adornments. Pendants are made for women who do not prefer wearing a heavy necklace. They are usually a single piece of stone or material put together with a chain. In fact with online jewelry shopping options available at a click away, you can shop for a lot of varieties of pendants in numerous styles, designs and colors. Wearing a pendant can enhance your overall personality and makes you noticeable as soon as you walk into a gathering full of people.

Though there are several options available in the market, we have listed down 5 unique designs that will make your personality vivacious. All of these are available to shop at

Casual pendants:

Casual pendants are made for wearing with daily outfits. These are so versatile that can be worn on not only dressed but with blouses, t-shirts and other causal wear. They appear to be very fashionable and add an edge to your everyday outfit with its unusual designs and distinctive styles. For instance a casual pendant can made out of any stone, metal while the design can be of any pattern or shape. These are affordable and yet trendy with a high style quotient. You can wear them at not only on night outs but during the day at work meetings.

Gemstone pendants:

Gemstone pendants tend to amplify the charm in your personality. Though they are highly fashionable and add to your style statement, these are also word due to their unique characteristics. Every gemstone has unique properties, hence also known as lucky stones. These are also popular due to health benefits that they offer to the wearer. For instance, Rose quartz is known to bring peace and calm, Aquamarine is useful for eyes, teeth and digestive system, Goldstone aids in healing problems related to bone while amethyst is for someone who suffers from anxiety or mood swings.

Pearl pendants:

Pearl pendants stand out because of their traditional classy style. Since they reflect vintage elegance, they are never considered out of fashion. They are also known to heal unbalance emotions, digestive problems and bring protection and love to the wearer. They go well with both formal and informal outfits. Any type, freshwater pearl, or colored pearl can emphasize your personality’s prominence.

Heart pendants:

Heart pendants are usually given away as a gift to express affection and love. The wearer definitely wears it year after year as it symbolizes emotional affection. These are worn close to the heart to signify togetherness. Just like other pendants, heart Pendant Designs Available come in various styles, colors and designs as they are not limited to the traditional heart pendants that have pictures in them.

Amulets/good luck charm pendants:

From the name, it is quite evident that these are regarded as good luck charms. It is known to provide protection to its wearer or bring good fortune. They have mystical designs and style. Amulets are usually manufactured from metal material, but it can also be made out of gemstones as well.

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