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5 Handmade Earrings Design Available at Blumoon

Earrings Design

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In this article we are reviewing the most 5 Handmade Earrings Design.

Whenever you think about gifting a piece of earrings design jewelry, you tend to look for products that are unique and will stand out. Although during online jewelry shopping, people tend to get cynical on what will they actually get. Having said that online shopping comes with its own advantages such as it offers convenience, better access to varieties and lots more. Now if you are looking to buy an exclusive piece, your natural inclination will be towards buying a handmade jewelry piece. You simply cannot go wrong with a handcrafted jewel. Let us have a look at some benefits of handmade jewelry:

Emotional Value:

With every handcrafted jewel piece, there is a great amount of sentimental value attached. This emotional value is not limited only to the creator, but it carries forward to buyer. It is as valuable earrings design to a buyer as to the crafter because a buyer understands the relentless hard work that has gone into the making of that particular piece. It is only the buyer that truly understands the essence of dedication, and thoughtfulness behind the making, will realise the worth of that jewel.

Unique design:

A handcrafted jewelry design represents a story behind it. With the making of a handmade jewel, there is a reason that carries a unique message with it. That instant connection is formed with the purchase. It implies that a particular jewel is designed by a person for a special person. The best part of the uniqueness is that since it is handmade, no two designs will be the same and hence what you are getting is exclusively meant for you and no one else.

No machine manufacture:

As mentioned earlier, handcrafted jewelry stands out due to its uniqueness as a result of the hard work, focus and an eye to the detail. It is made one after another, so no two designs will be the same. While a machine may be able to produce thousands of designs that look alike, a handmade jewel product will be a custom made piece of art that will not have imperfections as that of machine produced ones.

Handmade earrings:

Though there are a lot of categories available in jewelries, but Earrings are one of the oldest piece of jewel that has been worn since the ancient era. Earrings Design in ancient times were a symbol of status. The leaders of the tribes were known to wear earrings, which also depicted their position.

In the modern era, it is usually a representative of the style. However, getting a handmade earring will make you stand out in the crowd. There are a lot of websites that offer handmade earrings Design, blumoon.pk is one of them. They provide unique custom-made designs in affordable prices. They believe anyone and everyone should be able to buy an exclusive handmade earring pair.  With a wide range of pieces available in different prices, anyone can get their hands on a unique earring pair. Here are the 5 most trendy earring designs available at blumoon:

Stud earrings:

These are known to be elegant and timeless with their minimalist designs. Stud earrings are meant for someone who prefers minimal jewelry.

Pearl earrings:

Pearls are associated with vintage. They are worn by anyone who prefers traditional classy style as these can be incorporated in danglers, teardrop style, or even in stud forms.

Hoop earrings:

Hoop earrings Design are for women who are bold and sophisticated. Of course the width, height and stones of these add to the overall urbane look.

Drop earrings:

Drop earrings add charm and grace to your personality. From the name itself, it is quite clear that they are shaped like water drops. They catch attention with the glittery stones dangling as you move.

Tassel earrings:

Tassel earrings reflect playful personality of the person adorning it. Their uniqueness lies in the free flow and colored layers.


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