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What Is The Difference Between Pendant And Necklace?

What Is The Difference Between Pendant And Necklace

Pendant and Necklace are stunning pieces of jewelry that women used to wear to beautify their neck area. These both come in a variety of styles and designs. Women love to wear them on various occasions. Pendant and Necklace add charm to the personality. Here comes a query about the difference between pendant and Necklace?

The Difference Between A Pendant And Necklace:

A pendant and Necklace used to be worn around the neck, but there is a slight difference between them. A pendant is a small but elegant piece of jewellery attached to an anklet, necklace chain, or bracelet. A necklace is a piece of jewellery that goes around the neck. You can wear a pendant on any part of your body by hanging it on a chain, but a necklace can only be worn on your neck area.


A pendant is used to attach with a short or long chain. There are different shapes and sizes of pendants. Let me share with you a few types of pendants.


Pendants with diamonds look glamorous on the neck. Diamond pendants look versatile on special occasions.


Gemstones style pendants look attractive on the neck. Mostly, sapphires and rubies are used in pendants to make them versatile.


Locket style pendants are the most common type of pendants popular among women of all ages. Locket pendants can be worn with long or short chains.



In chain necklace style, there comes any thicker or heavier look metal. It has many shapes and sizes depending on your choice. A chain necklace looks elegant on the neck and can be combined with one or multiple pendants.


Choker style necklace looks stunning when sitting above the collarbone. Most chokers get firmly fixed around the neck, while some wear loose form. Choker style necklaces enhanced the beauty of the shoulders and neck area.

A single strand necklace includes pearls and diamonds. For a classic look, a single strand necklace is ideal. It comes in various lengths, i.e. 16-inch length to a 48-inch length.


A cascade is a fashionable piece of jewellery that features multiple strands or rows of diamonds and gemstones. If you wear a strapless or high neckline style dress, then a cascade necklace is perfect for you.


After reading this blog, you will have sufficient info about the difference between pendant and a necklace. These pieces of jewelry look appealing and give the personality a stunning look. You can a variety of pendants and necklaces by visiting

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