Things to Know Before Buying Gold


Other than having the ornamental value, gold is a perfect investment for the future as well. In Pakistan, it’s a common trend to gift a gold set to a bride at her wedding. It fulfills the purpose of both adornment and securing the future. She can wear it to weddings and ceremonies, and can also sell it to invest in a business or a property to settle down her life. Since gold has great economic value, there are a few things you should learn before buying it. It also costs you a good amount of money; therefore, you should be smart enough to know minute details. You can now do online jewelry shopping at, which is a trusty source for buying jewelry and accessory.

How Pure is the Gold?

The most important thing to know is the purity of gold. There are different levels, and 100% pure gold is 24 carats. The purest form isn’t commonly used for adornment, and some alloy or other material is used with it to add to make it wearable. However, it’s a perfect investment for the future as it has great economic value.

Moreover, 91.6% pure gold is 22 carrots that stand on the second level. It is called 22 carats gold because it is 2 parts gold and 2 parts other metal. As the level increases, the purity decreases, and level three is 18 carats gold. It has 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metal and is 75% pure. Before buying gold, do your research and learn how pure is it you want, and the prices of each.

What’s the Current Price per Gram?

Knowing your budget and price per gram gives you an idea of how much you can invest in buying gold. You can either do it online on various websites or also do physical research for the purpose. Since the price of gold keeps fluctuating, knowing the current cost per gram is essential to make your buying decision. Moreover, gold prices may be different in various places, so you should also compare them with each other. However, the difference won’t be too significant and do align with the current rates. It is because gold comes from different associations, and the biggest ones have similar rates.

Is the Gold Certified?

The genuine certification from a legal governmental source ensures its quality and purity. Therefore, make sure the gold you are buying is certified from the right source because there is so much fraud out there in the market. However, you will find all the certified articles at, so shopping at this store makes you worry-free. If you are buying from any other source, then ask for certification before buying. If you ask for it after buying, chances are you have already been fooled. Therefore, be smart enough to check for authenticity because you spend a handsome amount of your money.

The above mentioned are the key things to know before buying gold. However, go through the return and exchange policies both while shopping online and brick and mortar buying.

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