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Main Types of Jewelry in Pakistan


Shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan, and add-ons are always needed for adornment to enhance the overall look of the attire. There’s no better option than jewelry pieces for the purpose. Just like a lady needs a handbag, pair of shoes, glasses, and watches, she needs the right set of jewelry to complete her look. The traditional trends have always been the core of Pakistani fashion; therefore, cultural jewelry is more preferred than modern ones. Below are the three main types of jewelry in Pakistan that have been in fashion for years, and are expected to remain in trend for the years to come.


Kundan is an old jewelry style that was common in the subcontinent, and the trend continues till now. It consists of different types of stones that are embedded together in a gold piece. Those who do not know much about the jewelry do not regard it as important as gold. However, pure gold of 24 carats is being used in it rather than the commonly assumed 22 carats. It defines the significance of this jewelry and makes it an opulent possession. Kundan can be used both as bridal and non-bridal, formal types of Jewelry. However, you cannot wear Kundan casually because of lots of intricate details in it.


Much like Kundan, minakari has lots of stones in its details. However, this jewelry is more colorful, and it’s a craft from the royal Rajasthan. Meena is an art of painting different types of metals with bright hues in dramatic motifs of flowers, birds, and leaves. The making of minakari involves combining different colored glass powders and mineral oxides. Other than that, the powders of some precious stones are also used in the coloring process to give it a more vivid look.


The uncut or unpolished diamond when used differently is called polki. What makes it unique is that no chemical or physical treatment is being done to it. The diamond is usually retained in its original, rough form and has non-faceted surfaces that are polished to make the finished product. It is the reason why none of the polki articles resemble the other, and each one looks like a different piece. Three techniques are used for setting named in Hindi as Jadau means embedding, bad room, which is a tulle pattern, and takkar involves arranging.

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