Indian Sahara Earrings: An Evergreen Fashion Jewelry

Weddings and occasions without a set of fancy jewelry are incomplete for women in Pakistan. Despite too much modernization and western influence in our clothing and style, the traditional fashion remains evergreen. One such jewelry style that ladies have been wearing for a long time and still pride in is the Indian Sahara jewelry. You must have seen your grandmothers and mothers wearing them to a wedding some decades ago, and you like to wear them as well. It is an eternal fashion trend that won’t ever go out of fashion, and give a classy look to your personality.

What is Indian Sahara Jewelry?

Well, Sahara in Urdu means to support. The jewelry is named after it because it needs the support of some clips in your hair to get fixed. They consist of long earrings with some chains to hang in an elongated, titled manner on top of the ears. The earrings may be bell-shaped jhumki or any design that you wear casually and occasionally; what makes it a Sahara is the chains associated with it. The chains may be simple, thin ones, and they may be fancy with lots of jingles and decorative stuff in them. It depends on your choice as to how sophisticated or glamorous you want to keep the look.

How to Wear Indian Sahara Jewelry?

The Indian Sahara jewelry is a spice that you add to your fancy outfit. The purpose of wearing it is to transform your festive outfit into a glamorous one. Both your dress and personality enhances a lot when you get to wear a pair of Sahara. However, there is still a question as to how to wear one?

Well, the answer to this question is simple! It depends on the dress you wear. First, it is an exclusively festive style, so never wear it casually. I repeat, never! You will look horrendous if you wear it on the daily basis. Always wear it to festive occasions where you wear fancy, traditional dresses like a sharara, gharara, maxi, or styles like these. You may also wear it with shalwar kameez, but it has got to be fancy enough as well. Keep the earrings light or heavy as per your dress; do not make it too heavy if your dress is already heavy as it will curb your face look and the makeup on it. Moreover, keep the earrings small and chains light if you are wearing a lightly embroidered dress. In short, it depends on your choice and fashion sense as to how you wear it.

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