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Jewelry is one of the things, women love to wear. They like to adjust artificial jewelry for every occasion, whether it is a birthday party or a wedding. Unique and charming jewelry has always been the weakness of women. Jewelry is the main essential that enhances beauty more. Sometimes, it gets difficult to visit markets from shop to shop to get our desired item. In this modern age, its too easy to have access to your desired designs through online jewelry shopping. Some people having the opinion that online shopping is not always trustworthy as there are many fake websites as well that are ruining the business of authentic websites. is one of the authentic websites that is offering convenience, better access to a variety of amazing jewelry. It provides the chance to get unique, handcrafted, and funky jewelry as well.  


Although, many online stores offer several pendant designs, the most unique designs offered by the blue moon are vibrant and eye-catching. 

Casual Pendants:

These beautiful pendants are made for daily outfits. They are vibrant and proved to be more stylish for everyday outfits. These are made up of different stones in different shapes to wear them with comfort. 

Gemstone Pendants:

For the elite class, this platform offered gemstone pendants that are highly fashionable and unique in their characteristics. All gemstones are different in their unique properties. Most people buy these gemstones due to health benefits. 

Pearl Pendants:

Pearl pendants are considered unique because of their classy style and beauty. These pendants are never considered out of fashion. They can look attractive on both formal and informal outfits. 

Heart Pendants:

Heart pendants are considered as the token of love and are mostly used to gift someone to express passions. As it is the symbolism of personal affection, so it is worn at different times for different occasions. These are also unique and pretty much to attract attention. 

Good Luck Charm Pendants:

These pendants are used as good luck symbols as presented through their names. They are the most stylish and have mystical designs as well. These are well known for the good fortune of somebody. 


To look amazing, every woman wants to wear something different and handcrafted earrings are the most valuable ones in this regard. Blumoon offers hand crafted artificial jewelry to fulfill the desires of such ladies. These different beautiful earrings can be ordered from this platform. 

Big hoop earrings for women 

Kundan pearl earrings 

Gold plated long leaf earrings 

Rhodiumplated blue zircon earrings 

Snowflake flower pearl stud earrings  


To add style and beauty to your personality, bracelets are considered weightier. There is a variety of bracelets that are worn by ladies on different occasions. If a lady is fashionconscious, she can never have enough bracelets and she has to pair them with different outfits. College going girls like to wear some funky bracelets paired with earrings. Blumoon offers different bracelets such as Tennis bracelets, Solid Zircon bracelets, Silver bracelets, Gold plated bracelets, and Cuff bracelets for the need of teenagers as well as for famous fashion stars. 


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