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Meenakaari Jewelry: A Style To Live By

Meenakari jewelry

Are you bored of using conventional meenakari jewelry designs and want something different? Is it the traditional jewelry where you look for uniqueness and style at the same time? Well, if you are done trying all the old and new trends and want something baroque with lots of details in them, then try meenakari jewelry.

It is one of the oldest yet the most stylish designs to wear. You can find a touch of modernization in the old meenakari jewelry a style at which is Pakistan’s leading online marketplace for jewelry and other accessories. 

What is Meenakaari Jewelry?

Since the post is all about it, let’s first learn what meenakari jewelry is! “Meena” in Hindi means the blue color of the heavens. However, it doesn’t mean that the jewelry is all blue; it’s just an analogy to explain the beauty of it. It is a Persian art of coloring the base of metal with bright hues.

The art came to Varanasi in the 17th century during the Mughal period by Persian. It then came to Rajhastan by Raja Mansingh of Amer. Meenakari was originally introduced to design the back of traditional polka jewelry; however, it later got it’s own identity and became a famous jewelry style.

Blue, green, red, and yellow are the colors used in the Meenakari jewelry. However, it isn’t the distinguishing feature of the style. What makes it endearing is the nature-based patterns like animals such as feathers of peacock, birds, elephants, and flowers (phool patti). It is something unique about the jewelry as it adorns your personality in a traditional yet natural manner.

The meenakari jewelry a style looks best on gold as it has a natural polish that perfectly settles the colors in it. The gold also adds shine to it and holds the enamel better. Moreover, the silver isn’t bad either and enhances the color and design of it as well. It may not be as enchanting and opulent as gold, but it’s a nice choice to wear it occasionally. However, there is artificial meenakari jewelry as well, which is also a good addition to your collection.

 Rajhastan, India, is the hub of the Meenakari jewelry; however, the designs are now made in Pakistan as well. 

How to Wear Meenakaari jewelry?

Here comes the most important question! We can learn what meenakari jewelry a style is and all the details about its designs, but not everyone has the right sense to wear it. You can have the chicest collection in your drawer, but it still doesn’t look stylish when worn. Why is it so? That’s because the hues and patterns are so bright and natural-based that they do not go with every dress. You have got to be careful about it.

Well, the first key to wear meenakari jewelry is to always wear it with a traditional dress. Moreover, it should usually be party or wedding wear jewelry. If you want to wear it casually, make sure it doesn’t shine too much and do not have fancy details in it. You can also wear it with a western dress, but it should just be a small pendant and nothing else.

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