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By using this site, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions, privacy policy, return policy, and shipping policies. The terms and conditions are subject to any change at any time without prior notice.

Site’s Usage

Our website hereby permits its users to purchase any product they like for their personal use. We do not promote purchases for third parties. If anything goes wrong as you purchase for a third party or commercial use, you are solely responsible and liable for any outcome. If you breach any of the terms and conditions listed here, your access must be revoked and you shall be terminated and banned from using this site.


The contents given on our site reflect our products. It is a catalog to showcase what we have to offer. Because of the digital displays and photography, the products may appear slightly different. You can log in, log out, and add items to your cart and wish list any time you like.

Do note that spoiling any of the loopholes and misusing any feature of the website will be criminal. You are advised to stay away from abusing and feature or individual on this site. Doing so will invoke legal actions.

Orders, Delivery, and Pricing reserves the right to process and order and deliver them at its preference. Moreover, we hold the right to refuse and cancel any order at any time and shall not be held liable. We do our best to process your orders and deliver the goods on time.

Users might be asked to provide additional info along with the basic information required at the time of the order. It is to assure the security of the order and stay away from any fraudulent activities.

Also, pricing is another important matter and we reserve the right to modify, increase, decrease, and change any price and at any hour of the day without any notice.

For any query about returns, you can take a look at our returns policy page.

Use of Intellectual Property

Any intellectual property or trademark falling under should not be misused, copied, or altered by any means. It will come under intellectual property theft or misuse and legal actions might be pursued accordingly.

Dispute Resolution

It is to clarify that works hard to assure smooth operations and flow of goods. In case of any dispute, you should contact the management. As the company reserves right to orders, deliveries, pricing, payment terms, and goods, and they are subject to change at any time. So, the company cannot be held liable by any means on legal forums and any dispute shall be resolved between management and customers. We assure you that the management will cooperate and rectify any problems that you may face. However, upon finding any fraudulent activity or misuse at user end, the company reserves the right to pursue legal actions and court case.